Company Profile

What we do

  • Solve client problems working across the spectrum of enterprise and investors.

  • Invest in relationships with our clients to build a clear understanding of their needs.

  • Proactively generate ideas, options and solutions tailored to address an enterprise’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

  • Challenge how business is being done and provide new approaches to value creation by delivering options to create shared value outcomes (fiscal and non-fiscal) via hybrid strategy. Hybrid strategy focuses on enhancing the competitive advantage of a business enterprise while simultaneously advancing financial, social and environmental performance.

  • Help create plans to deliver and successfully implement an agreed hybrid strategy solution. We provide in-house execution support and access to others with specialist expertise who are able to make a difference.

GoodTeam engage with senior management executives, CEOs, boards and investors. We only work with the points of genuine leverage and influence in order to affect course changes or a complete reshaping of the existing business model.

How we do it

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We primarily deliver executable strategy and operate as advisors typically on fixed price or retainer terms. In addition we also offer research services and execution support.

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Impact investments, corporate strategy (equity and operations), clean-tech strategy, investment readiness, corporate sustainability and responsibility, social business and social enterprise strategy and financing.

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We typically only engage at the highest level (Senior executives, CXOs, Boards or Investors) to bring about change. Our firm’s objective is to create or co-create new forms of 'shared-value' for clients. Our focus is upon attaining multiple bottom line outcomes, creating congruence between fiscal (profit), social (people) and environmental (planet) objectives. GoodTeam specialise in medium-long term strategy development and execution support.

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We can see strategy through to implementation and as a result, increase our impact. We offer operational delivery support to clients through project management, benefit realisation methodologies, interim executive including transaction support (merger and acquisition) and core functions of a programme management office (PMO).

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In order to achieve medium to long term holistic value creation we bring broad functional knowledge and expertise. This extends to all facets of commercial EBITDA driven strategy, corporate sustainability strategy and social enterprise strategy and governance. We also offer expertise in delivery of impact investor funding strategy, impact fund design and performance measurement (fiscal and non-fiscal).

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We operate across all sectors, from primary industry to consumer, with sector depth in high-technology domains and the social enterprise and non-profit sectors.