The new opportunity

The world as we know it is at a pivotal point in history and humankind is now faced with an unprecedented challenge. The social, environmental, and economic implications of population growth, over consumption of resources, and threats to biodiversity demand a dramatic shift from ‘business as usual’ for all of us. The rules of the game are changing, as economic, social and environment pressures come together to create a new strategic imperative for society to uncover new ways to think about how we make and use things, and how we relate to each other. GoodTeam acknowledges this as the new operating context and the driver for building new approaches to creating value and enterprise success.

Hybrid strategy

Hybrid strategy typically delivers outcomes in at least three domains: fiscal, social and environmental.

Strategic initiatives may involve re-conceiving products and markets, redefining productivity and managing environmental impact in value chains.

Hybrid strategies often re-frame competitive relationships into selective collaboration, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs (social and business), large companies and government to work together.

Collaborative strategic planning

Some of the best strategic ideas are often already resident within a client's operation. We work with our clients to uncover those ideas and in so doing foster participatory modes of strategy development with its key people. When combined with our own independent research and external perspectives we are able to co-create innovative and executable strategy.