Team & Associates

Ian Wroe

Corporate, climate and renewables clients leader. Depth in hi-tech, IT, energy, mobile, strategy, M&A, leadership and execution. Internationally experienced, former global executive (IBM and Ericsson). B. Eng (Aerospace Engineer), MBA and FRSA.

Andre Bate

Associate (Social enterprise clients). Master of Business in Finance & Economics and Level III CFA. Entrepreneurship at MIT. Co-founder Metric Engine. Helped launch TZ1 registry, became the world’s largest registry for voluntary carbon credits. Developed new ventures for NZX.

Dan Khan

Innovation leader. Passionate about building a sustainable startup ecosystem in New Zealand. Launched Startup Weekend NZ; Lightning Lab and ZeroPoint Ventures. Deep expertise in IT and start-up. Computer Science MSc. First class hons.

Daniel Tomlinson

Associate (Corporate and clean-tech clients). Renewable energy expert. Depth in solar PV, distributed generation, micro-grids, project finance and pricing. Internationally experienced (emerging markets). A.B. (Harvard) and MBA (Cambridge).

Associate network

GoodTeam leverage the talents and skills of a network of high-performing associates who bring domain expertise to any given challenge.

Our delivery teams are hand-picked for their suitability to meet a client's needs. Associates are internationally experienced, they bring expertise from many sectors and have a broad range of specialist skills and international networks to offer.

GoodTeam can assemble teams with a customised blend of talents and experience for all cross border or international assignments. Associates have complementary skills to the partners and each maintain key interests in their domain of expertise beyond GoodTeam.

Currently GoodTeam have five active associates. We also collaborate with universities and other partners when required to complement the expertise within our diverse network.