GoodTeam are realists, we acknowledge and work within today's real-world constraints and are intensely pragmatic. However we are also interested in solving a hard and complex problem; finding opportunities to advance the capital model driven by the need for business to better serve society... and to deliver benefits to people and our planet. We therefore aim to seek out and help early-stage pioneers, and corporates on a transformational journey, to develop new ways of creating value which offer net benefit to society and to our natural environment.


We only work with the points of genuine leverage and influence over an enterprise in order to affect significant course changes to the existing business model. Hence GoodTeam principally seek to engage with senior executive management, CEOs, boards, and investors.


GoodTeam is a nimble talent aggregator. For each engagement we offer a virtual team consisting of high-performing talent assembled through our networks of associates, subject matter experts, advisors and operators. This means that any solution will be conceived and/or delivered by a bespoke team possessing the necessary breadth and depth of skills and attributes.

What we bring to clients

  • Track record of success and meaningful contributions.

  • Actively advising across the spectrum of enterprise and investors.

  • Sector breadth with depth in technology industries.

  • The wide range of knowledge and cross sector experience required for sustainability engagements.

  • Execution orientation and the business case for making change.

  • Participate directly via social and clean-tech ventures.

  • Deep networks SE Asia, NZ & Australia.

  • Effective on 'day one' through engagement as interim executives.

What we look for in clients

  • Collaborative mindsets with an interest in growth, step change or transformation. Open to participatory modes of strategy development.

  • A desire to advance sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Multiple bottom line initiatives that integrate profit making with a sustainability vision, and that drive balanced objectives of fiscal performance coupled to the pressing needs of our society and our environment.

  • Opportunities to create thought leadership and new pragmatic solutions or components to extend and evolve the capital model. Interest in supporting a more coherent marketplace for investing in social and environmental impact.

  • Interest in adoption or investment in emerging (disruptive) or mature (established) clean technologies.

  • Projects that integrate profit making with sustainability vision, product stewardship, and social purpose.

  • An organisational culture that seeks to serve and act with integrity.